Love INC mobilizes churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Today, we’re active in 134 communities in 29 states. Love INC National supports the development and growth of each location to show and share the love of Christ and make an impact on their community. We are a part of many Love (INC) Stories…stories like Rebecca and the three churches that rallied around her young family after she reached out to one of our locations in southern California.

When Rebecca, a young mother of three children in southern California, had to leave an abusive situation in an emergency, she moved into a low-income apartment with nothing but a mattress, a kitchen table, and chairs.

She was working hard to pay the landlord for the security deposit when her car broke down. Needing the car to remain employed, Rebecca found herself unable to keep up with the additional, unexpected bills. When she called Love INC, she was about to send her children, ages 11, 9, and 7, to live permanently with their grandmother because she couldn’t adequately provide for their needs.

Through Love INC, three churches rallied around this young family. Church members supplied groceries, household supplies, furniture, toys, and wood for the fireplace. Love INC alerted another community organization which contributed gift certificates for the children. Most importantly, Love INC church volunteers visited with Rebecca and her kids, building a special relationship.

Because of the love shown to Rebecca by caring Christians during a season of need, Rebecca’s life was transformed. Not only did her living circumstances improve, she now attends church and has given her heart to Christ.

The Impact of One donation like yours helps transform lives like Rebecca’s across the country. By supporting Love INC National, you help equip and support 134 communities in church mobilization to transform lives.

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*names have been changed

In Christ,

Kirk Vander Molen | National Executive Director